Memory is man’s greatest friend and worst enemy once said Gilbert Parker, and it is up to you to decide the ways you perceive memory as a friend and as an enemy. For me personally, the concept of gaining knowledge on a subject only for that knowledge to slowly fade away, through the relentless passing of time, is terrifying. In this day and age, information about virtually any subject is a few key strokes away and although this is a great thing, one must find a way to properly process and store that information, otherwise you are just learning to forget and forgetting to learn.
This blog is created as a valuable tool in the process of acquiring true knowledge, the one that does not fade away quickly. This is achieved because writing an article about a subject you are interested in, forces you to develop a more solid and, hopefully, long lasting understanding of the subject.
An added personal gain this blog may provide me, is the joy and sense of fulfillment you receive when you help a fellow human to find what he seeks.

For any questions or suggestions please contact me. Happy reading, and thank you for taking the time to read this. — Foolish Mercenary